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Founder is temporarily closed due to the accelerating spread of COVID-19. These are undoubtedly difficult times for everyone and our hearts go out to all the individuals, businesses, and communities affected — especially our friends in hospitality.

We look forward to hosting you at Founder as soon as we're able to. If you'd like to support us, please consider purchasing a Gift Card.


Founder burger  14
Lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, truffle aioli, smoked cheddar, crispy potatoes

High protein burger  14
Bean, pea, quinoa, tomato, kale, squash aioli, crispy potatoes

Steak sandwich  16
Sirloin, chimichurri, marinated red onion, roast tomato, kale, garlic aioli, crispy potatoes

Okonomiyaki chicken sandwich  14
Panko crusted chicken, yuzu cabbage slaw, quick pickles, okonomi sauce, kewpie, bonito, nori, crispy potatoes

Tuna panini  14
Albacore tuna, aioli, roast tomato, grilled red onion, olive, pesto, crispy potatoes

Bulgogi cheesesteak  14
Prime rib, black garlic aioli, kimchi, onion, provolone, gochujang, crispy potatoes

Jerk mushroom sandwich  14
Grilled mushroom, cabbage slaw, roasted squash aioli, crispy potatoes

Kale caesar salad  10
Crispy sopresatta, caesar dress, grana padano, breadcrumbs

Founder chocolate blondie  10
White and dark chocolate, bourbon caramel, banana

Order by phone (pick up only)

To place an order for pick up, call us at 647-348-1282. Founder is located at 1282 Dundas Street West.


If you're interested in catering a meal, please use the form below to inquire or call us directly at 647-348-1282.