Late Night Menu

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Join us on Fridays for late night menu and Weekend Vibes
with music courtesy of DJ Razaq El ToroDearJames


Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 12am

Half dozen Barstool oysters 30
Poached shrimp, lime, tamari, cilantro, chili 

Founder burger 13
nolan farms angus, double smoked bacon, caramleized shallot, smoked cheddar, tomato, lettuce, potato roll

Roasted shishito peppers 16
bonito, sesame, furikake

Green curry fried chicken  18
Herbs, Tom yum, coconut, chillies

Patatas bravas  10
Spicy tomato, salsa verde, aioli

Crab rolls 16
Crab stick, Smoked cheddar gougeres, kewpie mayo, old bay, chives

Tandoori cauliflower  20
Coconut cucumber mint raita, pistachio, shallot, coriander, mixed pickles