Whiskey Business Chef's Tasting


Join us on Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00 pm for a curated chef's tasting event. 

Whiskey Business Chef's Tasting Experience 

We've partnered with Bushmills Whiskey to craft a stellar evening of delicious food and unique spirits. The night features four courses with cocktail pairings & specialty tastings. We've taken our creativity to the next level on each dish, pairing to a unique whiskey. Bringing a bit of the charm from the oldest whiskey distillery, not just in Northern Ireland, but the world, along with the culinary whimsy of Chef Kendall, 4 dinner courses and the spiritful creativity through Bushmills & Sexton Whiskey. Along with the event comes 2 bottles of Bushmills 10 year to give away as door prizes, as rare 16 year tastings. 

Hosting the event with us, old familiar friend of ours, the bar manager to Founder for many years, Brennon Stephenson, to bring to life the tradition and flair of Northern Irish Whiskey

Arrive at 6:45 PM
Dinner starts at 7 PM
Limited tickets available

Book with us through OpenTable 

About Bushmills 

Old Bushmills Irish whiskey is one of Ireland’s best-loved whiskey brands, renowned for its smooth taste and historic legacy, and has come to embody some of the best features of Irish history and heritage — its long lineage and its devotion to quality chief among them. Weathering conflict, fire, and famine, emerging from each trial with a newfound strength and commitment to their cause.

Bushmills is named for the mills that made the barley and the River Bush, which remains the water source to cut our whiskey to proof today.

First to do it. Second to none. Triple distilled

Please note that we aren't able accommodate refunds for cancellations.