Dear friends,

It is with equal parts pride and sadness that I share the news that Founder will be hosting its final night of service this Friday, December 29th after a wonderful 5 year run. 

To our friends, family, regulars, partners, and supporters from all across Toronto and beyond, thank you for inspiring us with the strength and conviction to call 1282 Dundas Street West home through this remarkable adventure.

To our brilliant staff, thank you for being the heart and soul of what made us great. Your talent, resilience, and care for your craft gave our name a personality. 

We started Founder to double down on a passion for bringing people together around our shared love for great food and cocktails. If nothing else, we’re tremendously proud of every get together, hangout, date night, meeting, party, and yes, even pre-game we played host to. There’s nothing like seeing people connecting over something you’ve created. Nothing.

Wherever our journey takes us next, we’re forever grateful to have had the opportunity to share this experience with you and hope to see you once more to close out our last shift with a bang.

Thank you,

Chef Kendall Collingridge
Co-Founder & Head Chef

PS: If you’re looking for amazing and talented people to join your team, reach out! We’d love to point you toward some of the industry’s best.