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Chef's experience

Our best selection of dishes from on and off our menu, served family style to the table. Ask us about vegetarian and pescatarian substitutions.

Chef's experience  40 / 55 (per person)
Your choice of a 4 course or 6 course meal.

A la carte

Watercress salad  12
Pear, Sunflower seed, olive oil, grana padano

Roasted cauliflower  14
Tahini, pomegranate, caper, mint, sumac, preserved orange, parsley, harissa

Grilled oyster mushrooms  14
Soubise sauce, rosemary , sherry mushroom vinaigrette, mushroom chip

Cheese plate  8 / 24 / 32
1, 3, or 5 cheeses, preserves, bread

Gnocchi  24
Roasted squash, goat cheese, sage, apple, walnut, cream


Oysters  (6 pieces)  18 / 24
Your choice of Classic or Load Your Rifle

Selva shrimp  20
Vietnamese curry, sweet potato, green beans, bok choy, eggplant, chili, lime, herbs

Branzino  24
Potato, green beans, honey mushrooms, sundried tomato, saffron oyster sauce, crispy skin

Seared albacore tuna  25
Quinoa, radish, lime, avocado, beans, cucumber, corn nuts, cilantro, queso

Grilled octopus  25
Crispy potato, Smoky tomato, garlic aioli, salsa verde, olive, ink


Okonomiyaki fried chicken  16
Cabbage, yuzu, scallion, bonito, okonomi sauce, mayo, nori

Venison tataki  18
Pickled onion, mushroom, aioli, chive oil, radish

Lamb kofte  18
Cauliflower, tahini, pomegranate, caper, mint, sumac, preserved orange, parsley, harissa

Duck rye-sotto  24
Rye kernels, duck confit, smoked duck breast, sorrel, turnip, soft egg

Braised beef gnocchi  28
Braised beef, sun-dried tomato, fontina cheese, pickled onion, eggplant