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Dinner / Bar

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Snow crab rolls 12
Smoked cheddar, mayo, trinity, scallion, old bay

Radicchio caeser salad 15
Caeser dressing, crispy sopressata, Grana Padano, breadcrumbs, anchovy, capers

Fried eggplant 15
Chilled dashi broth, ginger, plum vinegar, scallion, furikake

Patatas bravas 12
Spicy tomato, salsa verde, garlic aioli, olive


Tandoori cauliflower 16
Cucumber mint raita, pistachio, cilantro, pickled shallot, mango pickle

Steak tartare 18
Top sirloin, anchovy, lemon, parsley, chilli, olive, parm, garlic bread

Shrimp and scallop ceviche 22
Cucumber, scallion, radish, corn, nori, tigers milk, tamari, sesame, bonito

Large / Share

Green curry fried chicken 16
Tom yum sauce, coconut, cilantro, chillies, Thai basil, lime leaf

Oysters 15 / 30
East coast, lemon, house made hot sauce, sherry mignonette

Beef cheek bolognese 25
Garganelli, rapini pesto, Grana Padano, rosemary

Cheese plate 7 / 21 / 30
1, 3, or 5 cheeses, preserves

Charcuterie plate 7 / 21/ 30
1, 3, or 5 meats, preserves